MCLE Class - Hodson PI LLC Investigations


Social Media and Legal Ethics – Rule 2-100

Webinar Agenda

October 26th, 2018


1 hour of MCLE


Speaker Introduction:

Private Investigator, Private Detective, Investigator, Justin Hodson, Justin D. Hodson

Justin D. Hodson, CPI

Justin D. Hodson, CPI, CSMIE is an internationally renowned professional investigator based in California. Hodson has been conducting investigations since 1999. Hodson works primarily with law firms, insurance companies, municipalities and large corporations to discover information.

Hodson’s career in investigative services began in corporate theft and fraud investigations. As a result of his investigative acumen, drive, and energy, he quickly accelerated through the ranks of various retail and corporate security positions into internal fraud and undercover surveillance operations. With over 40,000 hours of investigative experience, his skills as an investigator and prowess at directing and managing large operations has earned him worldwide recognition as an expert in his field. Hodson entered private practice by founding his own professional private investigation company in 2003. His agency has prospered as a direct result of the investigative and fact-finding skills Hodson had honed during his formative years in the industry.

Hodson has been providing Online and Social Media investigations for over ten years. He has become an expert in online and social media investigations. He is a Certified Professional Investigator through the California Association of Licensed Investigators and a Certified Social Media Investigations Expert through the McAfee Institute.


General Overview of Rule 2-100:

California Rule of Professional Conduct 2-100(A) prohibits a lawyer from communicating about a matter with a party known to be represented by a lawyer without the prior consent of that lawyer. Rule 2-100 defines “party” broadly. See Rule 2-100(B)(1)-(2). “Party” can include organizations and their officers, directors and managing agents, and potentially other employees, as well as potentially in-house counsel. Id.; Snider v. Superior Court (2003) 113 Cal. App. 4th 1187, 1207-09.


General Overview of Course:

This course will give an overview of most used social media, how you may inadvertently contact an opposing side, pit falls of using social media and formal opinions on the issue from bar associations.