Message from Justin D. Hodson, CPI

Hello Fellow Tribe Member,

I say tribe because we are one group of family members against a common enemy.  An enemy that we will conquer in time. It’s a scary time for all of us, but the only way out is through.

In order to protect our community, I have sent all staff to work from home.  We have set up secure networks and workstations to protect our valuable data and infrastructure.  We are fully operational at this time and ready to assist our clients.

This enemy is going to hurt our economy.  I expect that a lot of our clients will have to make cuts. I want you to know that Hodson P.I., LLC will be here to help. Hodson has consistently been one of the lower-cost options in the market.  Our clients know that this does not come with poor results.  Our firm will continue to promise superior, diligent, and comprehensive investigative findings in every case. I did not start this business to be wealthy; I started because there was a genuine need for ethical and diligent professional investigators in California.  I promise that I will continue to fill this need. 

Thank you for your continued trust in our firm.  Thank you for helping me and my employees support our families over the years.  We will get through this as a tribe together.

Humble Regards,

Justin D. Hodson, CPI

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