Murrieta School gets Donation for two Lenovo Ideal Chromebooks

Murrieta school gets a donation f

Mrs. Aarsvold needed donors for two Lenovo Ideal Chromebooks for her classroom and Hodson P.I. has made a much-needed contribution to help her achieve her goal. The Murrieta school got a donation from Justin D. Hodson, CPI and his team.

A teacher at Warm Springs Middle School in Murrieta, California, Mrs. Aarsvold set up the crowd-sourcing campaign on to better the learning environment inside her classroom.

Mathematics is one of the most important classes a child can take to better their future, but often a child could feel overwhelmed by what they are taught on a daily basis. Once a child falls even a step or two behind, it can be hard for them to catch up, causing some to lose interest over time.

Mrs. Aarsvold’s goal is to make math more accessible to each student by allowing them to have their own computer to use in class instead of sharing one. Using these computers, students could practice working on skills they are being taught and review past skills by watching videos. An ambitious student may even move ahead of their class by previewing the concepts that will be taught to them later on in the school year.

By being able to use technology such as a Lenovo Chromebook, students can be more personally accountable for what they learn as well as more engaged in the learning process as a whole.

“My school is a challenging campus, as we draw from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnically diverse groups,” Mrs. Aarsvold said on her campaign page.

As our classrooms stray away from those days of paper-and-pencil teaching, technology is becoming not only important in the everyday world but equally as important in the academic setting. Students who fail to utilize available technologies find themselves at a disadvantage later on in life, whether it be in college or in the real world.

Many students at the college level will change majors to avoid math classes just because they lost interest as a teenager and eventually fell behind those around them. A child with good math education and a good understanding of technology has more doors open to them when they eventually graduate from high school and college. This gives them more of a chance to be successful as an adult.

“Technology is a must for students to become successful members of society,” Mrs. Aarsvold said on the campaign page.

With Lenovo Chromebooks, students will be able to access math sites such as Think Through Math and Big Ideas so they can keep up with those around them.

Hodson P.I. was happy to step up and make a donation to Mrs. Aarsvold’s campaign so she could achieve her goal. A father of three himself, Justin Hodson of Hodson P.I. came across the campaign and knew that he had to get involved. Furthermore, he and his family live in the community and are proud to say that they helped the Murrieta school with their donation.

“I believe in trying to help those in need in our surrounding communities,” Justin Hodson said. “As a business that operates within the city of Murrieta, it’s our pleasure to help the children within our city by providing them with the means to better themselves.”

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