Murrieta Students Send Thank You Letters to Hodson PI

Hodson PI investigations

Just this past August, a teacher by the name of Mrs. Aarsvold set up a crowd-sourcing campaign on to obtain two Lenovo Ideal Chromebooks to assist her in making math more accessible to her students. Murrieta students thank Hodson P.I. and Justin Hodson for providing them with Chromebooks by sending letters.

Justin Hodson of Hodson P.I. came across the campaign for this Warm Springs Middle School class while surfing the internet and knew he had the ability to help Mrs. Aarsvold achieve her goal. Hodson donated the necessary money needed to complete this campaign.

As a father of three himself, Hodson was more than happy to help out.

“As a business owner who operates within the city of Murrieta, I was more than willing to assist Mrs. Aarsvold’s class,” Hodson said. “I think it’s our duty as local business owners to give back to their local schools when they have the opportunity.”

The children were more than grateful for the donation. Hodson was both shocked and jubilated to see that the students of Mrs. Aarsvold’s class had all written him thank you letters for his contribution. It made his donation all the more satisfying.

“I’m just glad that they (the children) seem to be enjoying their new computers,” Hodson said while reading over the letters. “I never expected for them all to write me. I couldn’t be happier.” He was surprised but gracious as he read the letters from the Murrieta students as they said thanks to Hodson P.I.

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