The following articles and news posts were designed for our current and potential attorney clientele.  Our agency is well aware of the ever-changing rules, laws, and simplicities of the legal field. We are also staying well-informed about changes to the legal field regarding today’s events with the global pandemic and how it has affected the court systems. Hodson P.I. regularly updates and investigates new changes in the legal field.  We take our work seriously making education a priority in our agency.  We are constantly improving our skills, making Hodson P.I. one of the top private investigator agencies in the United States.  The following news articles and posts are related to the legal community, legal investigations, court decisions, and educating our clients in the legal field.  Please feel free to contribute by contacting us anytime.  For any questions, comments, or concerns contact Justin Hodson via E-mail or phone.

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Online Investigations Hodson PI Google Operators

Harnessing Google Search Operators for Enhanced Online Investigations

Harnessing Google Search Operators for Enhanced Online Investigations In the realm of online investigations, precision, and efficiency are paramount. Whether you’re delving into competitive analysis, conducting background checks, or gathering intelligence, the ability to quickly and accurately sift through the vast expanse of the internet is crucial. This is where mastering Google Search operators can […]
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Surveillance - subrosa, hodson pi

Utilizing Sub-Rosa Surveillance in Court: A Powerful Tool for Evidence

Introduction Sub-rosa surveillance, also known as covert surveillance, can play a crucial role in legal proceedings. When properly executed, it can provide compelling evidence that can significantly impact a case. This article explores the use of sub-rosa surveillance in court and its effectiveness in obtaining admissible evidence. Drawing insights from reputable sources, and my experience […]
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Hodson PI and Social Media Investigations

Social Media Investigation in Insurance Defense

In recent years, social media has become a powerful tool for investigating insurance claims. With millions of people sharing their personal lives on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, insurance companies have the opportunity to access information that can help them verify claims and detect fraudulent activity. In this article, we will explore […]
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High-Quality Reports are Important for Every Investigation and Client

Hodson P.I. takes reports seriously and they are ultimately the product we are selling to our clients. Reporting encompasses the final determination and results of the investigations we conduct. These reports need to be detailed and the information needs to be laid out correctly in a way the reader can easily find important details and […]
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The Reality of Locating People in 2021

The financial crisis of 2020 and the unknown future ramifications of COVID-19 have caused substantial changes to the legal and investigation professions.  One of these changes is finding people. Professional investigators are hired to locate people for a variety of reasons.  The motivations could be for service of legal paperwork, witnesses in a trial, a […]
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