Surveillance during a Pandemic


I was listening to another professional investigator discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has destroyed Subrosa surveillance.    The competing investigator claimed that surveillance is more challenging now than ever before.  I’m afraid I have to disagree.

Sure, the current pandemic has changed life as we know it, but it has not stopped people from adapting to the changes.   For instance, golf is more popular than ever. ClubCorp, which owns or operates 173 private golf or country clubs nationally, reported a 30 percent increase in activity since the pandemic.  The reporting indicates a lot of new and returning golfers are coming to play the wide-open courses.

Golf is not the only activity; hiking is one the rise also. Alltrails, a mobile app for hikers, reported a 200% increase in use since the pandemic.  The American Hiking Society reported the same spike in hiking activity also. The Outdoor Foundation said that running, cycling, and hiking are also on the rise.

Further, people still have to go to the grocery store and do everyday errands.  There is some evidence that people are becoming more active later in the day than before, but that’s when a good investigator will shy away from the early morning start times. It’s all about adapting our activity to the changes in the environment.

Our office analyzed our Subrosa surveillance cases activity levels and could not find any decrease in activity compared to pre-COVID surveillance cases.

It’s without a doubt that things have changed around us, but we need to adapt to these changes.  I guarantee that Hodson P.I., LLC, will adapt and change with our environment to secure the most information possible for our client. 

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