Pricing of an Investigation

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Pricing an investigation depends on many factors.  These factor can range from the type of the investigation and the complexity.  Each case is different and no final total or end cost is the same.  At Hodson P.I. Investigative solutions we can provide you with an estimate of cost. The majority of the time our investigation cost is below or at the estimated quote supplied to the client.  Our office works directly with the client and never goes over an agreed amount.  All costs are in writing and there is never any surprise or hidden costs.

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 In order for a private investigations firm to supply a potential client with an accurate estimate for services, two things must be in place.

1. The private investigator must be experienced enough to provide an accurate quote based on past cases.

2. The potential client must be able to articulate what they need done and supply appropriate information.

At our firm we have been able to provide quality estimates for any investigation.  To received additional information about our rates please contact us today.  We provide instant information on our rates via this website or by calling 714-646-4545.