Pricing of an Investigation

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At Hodson P.I., LLC, we take great pride in our commitment to ethical and transparent pricing. While we may not boast to be the cheapest option in the industry, we firmly believe that we are the best choice for your investigative needs.

Our pricing structure is based on an hourly rate, which accounts for the dedicated time our investigators spend on your assignment. This includes not only the time they actively work on your case but also any travel time involved, from their location to the location of interest (portal to portal), which varies depending on their location at the time. Additionally, when vehicle travel is necessary, we do charge mileage fees.

Moreover, as part of our dedication to transparency, we pass on any research costs incurred during the course of our investigation. We firmly believe that providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved is essential.

To maintain transparency and ensure that you are well-informed, we kindly request budgets from your office based on the estimates we provide. We also commit to keeping you regularly updated on the progress of your case, including any developments in costs and budgets. This way, you can make informed decisions every step of the way. Your trust in our ethical and transparent pricing is our top priority.


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 In order for a private investigations firm to supply a potential client with an accurate estimate for services, two things must be in place.

1. The private investigator must be experienced enough to provide an accurate quote based on past cases.

2. The potential client must be able to articulate what they need done and supply appropriate information.

At our firm we have been able to provide quality estimates for any investigation.  To received additional information about our rates please contact us today.  We provide instant information on our rates via this website or by calling 714-646-4545.