Investigators Can Make Attorneys’ Cases Stronger

Private investigators can be an invaluable resource for attorneys and law firms as they have years of experience, can dig deeper to obtain information, and provide key litigation support. Experienced private investigators can make attorneys cases stronger. There are many different investigation services that we can provide to lawyers. Our goal is to find evidence that will bring a resolution to our client’s cases and save them time and money. An experienced attorney knows that hiring private investigators can be essential for gathering evidence and winning cases. Many attorneys and law firms have an ongoing relationship with an investigator or private investigations firm.

Experienced investigators can find the buried clues within the cases by obtaining and sifting through witness statements, claims, police reports, and medical records.

Using sophisticated tools and resources, investigators can uncover a person’s entire identity and construct a comprehensive background of the subject for their clients. Having credible information on your opponent, the case, key witnesses, hostile experts, and even your client, can make the toughest cases winnable.  

Lawyers spend an average of 25 percent of their time conducting legal research. This statistic is from the Legal and Technology survey report compiled by the American Bar Association. The report also revealed that attorneys first turn to free online research before accessing bar-sponsored research and fee-based services. 38 percent say they start with a general search engine such as Google or Bing,

Attorneys can access pieces of information online about the individuals in their cases which may help initially. However, investigators have licensing that allows them to access databases that are constantly updated. Publicly available online resources are often missing vital information about the individuals or contain outdated or false information. Investigators know how to uncover vital information for your case.

Investigators Connect the Dots in Your Case

One skill that investigators acquire with experience is the ability to reconstruct the history of the case. Whether it is for an heir’s investigation, property records history, or accident reconstructions, investigators through reviewing documents, interviewing witnesses, and other avenues can paint the whole picture of the case for the attorneys. Furthermore, they can connect the dots between all public and social records they find related to the individual or individuals.

Another way that investigators can assist lawyers with their cases is by locating their clients. If an attorney’s client is being unresponsive, investigators are experienced with locating individuals. Investigators can find their contact information to ensure the lawyer can contact their client before any deposition or trial dates have passed. With skillful research techniques, phone calls, and in-person visits, investigators can obtain the individual’s contact information.

Investigators Provide a Wide-Range of Services to Assist in Your Case

Additionally, private investigators can help attorneys prepare for their cross-examination. Private investigators can review witness backgrounds to discredit his or her testimony during a deposition or at a trial. Along with evidence on the individual found in background investigations, private investigators can also produce video surveillance evidence to bolster your case. Private investigators can provide a wide range of services.  

Hiring a private investigator for your cases is paramount for a successful outcome in court. Hodson P.I. investigators are ready and willing to take your case today. Check out the investigative services we offer and assign a case today so that you can be ready to win your next court case.

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