Q: How much does a background check cost?

Answer:  A background check investigation can be a complex matter.  The cost depends on the type of background check investigation and how in-depth the investigation goes.  A licensed private investigator can charge anywhere up to several thousands of dollars depending on the type of investigation.  At our firm, we have a reasonable hourly rate we charge for all of our investigations. We provide three different tiers of background investigations. The cost also depends on what state of the subject we are doing a background check on lives.

Our investigative firm provides both civil background and criminal background check investigations. Depending on if you want us to do one of these or the full comprehensive background investigation on someone also affects the price. You will have to take this into account for the background check cost when deciding which type of investigation you want. You have the option to choose a basic, specific, or comprehensive background search.

When hiring a private investigator it is important that you hire a qualified background detective.  At Hodson, P.I. Professional Investigations we have been conducting simple and complex background investigations for 15 years.

In order to give you an accurate quote, additional information about your investigation will be needed. Contact us today to get a free online quote on your investigation.

how much does a background investigation cost