Q: What information do I need to run a background check?

Answer: Supplying accurate information to our firm is crucial for any investigation. This allows us to confirm the information belongs to the individual or company that is the focus of your background investigation.  You will at least need the name of the individual or company you are researching.  The date of birth, social security number, tax identification number, or other identifying information will be helpful but is not always necessary to complete an investigation.

Additional information such as the date of birth or social security number of an individual is especially important for investigations when the subject has an extremely common name. Please keep that in mind when initiating a background investigation.

Our professional investigators have the resources and years of experience to find individuals’ information. They utilize tried and tested techniques to uncover the detailed and accurate information on a person’s record. We have completed thousands of background check investigations for our clients. The Hodson P.I. team is ready to take your background check and get started with the information you have on the individual you are investigating.

For any additional questions, you may have, please refer to our background FAQs page or contact our office today.