Q: Will the person know that I am running a background check on them?

Answer: No, the person will not know. Our professional investigators always have the discretion of our clients in mind when conducting a background investigation. With our firm and time-tested skill, there is no way an individual will know anyone is running a background check investigation. Our investigators execute an excellent level of discreetness throughout all the investigations we perform. You have no need to be concerned about privacy as we have been doing background investigations for over 18 years and have never had a subject that found out our firm was performing a background check on them or their business. 

We have strict informational security procedures that we closely follow to keep all information confidential. At the end of each day, all of our team members clear their computers and secure our data. We can confidently guarantee that no subjects or individuals will know that we are conducting any type of background investigation. Our expert and professional investigators will ensure discreetness and a high level of detail will be given to your background investigation.

Contact us today to start a background investigation. Our private investigators will contact you and answer any further questions you may have.

Will the person known I am running a background check on them