Q: What do I get at the end of my infidelity investigation?

A: Throughout the entire investigation, you will receive timely updates from the investigator managing your case. After we receive your case intake forms, your case will be assigned to a case manager. We will notify you who the case manager is and provide you with a time to talk with the manager over the phone. This will be an open line of communication for you and your investigator. At the end of the infidelity investigation, you will receive a full detailed investigation report. The digital report outlines the times and events that occurred during the investigation. Our field investigator writes detailed notes and timelines of the events witnessed during the investigation. Hodson P.I. will provide you with a high-quality and detailed report that will conclude the end of your investigation. You will also be given the pictures, video clips and any additional evidence gathered in the field. Our pictures and videos are time-stamped and geo-tagged for your records. We often provide the video and photographs that we captured during the investigation via a USB or CD along with a link to view them online for your convenience.

Our team of expert investigators is ready to start your infidelity investigation today. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to us via the contact form or by calling our office.


What will I receive at the end of my infidelity investigation? You will receive detailed, high-quality reporting.