Locate Investigations

Answer: No, there is no locate investigations guarantee to any of these types of investigations that we conduct.  Every case is different and can take a large amount of time to investigate.  Typically, our firm has a two-week turnaround for locate investigations, but we can also do it on a rush basis, with an additional fee, if needed. We can tell you that we guarantee a diligent effort on all assigned investigations.  We will exhaust all our research and resources to find the subject. Our success rate is an average of 75%. We are proud of our case studies for locating people when other PI firms could not.

Hodson P.I. has completed tens of thousands of locate investigations since being founded in 2003. Our licensed investigators are all highly trained in field investigations and conducting research when looking for someone. We have access to the most up-to-date research resources with our private investigator licenses. Although we do not promise a locate investigations guarantee, we promise that our professional, expert investigators will put in the work and research to find the subject(s).

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