Investigators, are they licensed or not?

Q:  Are all of your investigators licensed?

A: The answer is yes.  Every investigator that will work on your surveillance is licensed by law under our agency license.  If they are legal employees, they are licensed under Business and Professions Code 7531.  If they are an independent contracted investigator they will have their own state license.  We feel it is extremely important that each investigator working for Hodson P.I. is experienced and qualified for all of our investigations.  All of the cases we receive and investigations are managed by Justin D. Hodson, CPI. To clarify, our team is licensed and able to work on not only surveillance but all of the services we provide for our clients. They are able to handle the service of process requests, social media investigations, background investigations, and our other services. We do have investigators that are able to wear many hats in investigations and also ones that are skilled in their specific area of investigation expertise.

California Law requires all private investigator agencies to be licensed.  It is against California law to practice private investigations without a license.  Knowingly hiring a private investigator that is not is also a crime in California.  If you hire someone who does not have the correct licensing and credentials this may damage your case.  If your evidence is needed for court, it will not be admissible if obtained by an unlicensed private investigator.  To check if an agency has their current license please check with the Department of Consumer Affairs or click here. We encourage you to check the link provided so that you are knowledgeable about the status of the private investigations team you are hiring.

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