Q:  What do I get at the end of my surveillance investigation?


Throughout the duration of your surveillance investigation, rest assured that you will be kept thoroughly informed with regular updates. Once the surveillance period comes to a close, our experienced team will provide you with a comprehensive package that includes the following elements unless instructed otherwise:

  1. Detailed Chronological Report: Our investigators, each holding over a decade of expertise, craft a chronological report that meticulously outlines all observed activities, painting a vivid picture of the events that transpired.
  2. Multimedia Evidence: Alongside the report, you will receive high-resolution photos and videos capturing critical moments during the surveillance, offering tangible proof of the findings documented in the report.
  3. Consultation: Following the delivery of the report and multimedia content, we arrange a session to discuss the findings in depth, ensuring you have a complete understanding of the observations made and answering any questions you may have.
  4. Expert Guidance on Next Steps: Leveraging our extensive experience, we are prepared to suggest potential next steps and follow-up actions to further your objectives, guiding you on the most efficient path forward based on the collected evidence.
  5. Licensed Investigators: Be confident in the knowledge that your case is handled by professionals licensed by law by the State of California, a testament to their skill and adherence to high standards of practice.

We remain at your disposal for any further queries you may have, always ready to offer our expertise. To get a sense of the financial aspect, feel free to click here for a free quote. Let’s embark on this journey towards clarity and resolution with mutual trust and professionalism.

Laws concerning investigations vary state by state. Please check your local laws before conducting any investigation.   Hodson, P.I., LLC, Justin D. Hodson is not an attorney and does not provide legal advice. At the time of reading this, laws may have changed or information has changed in the time of publishing.

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  • Victoria Addington It was most captivating when you shared you will obtain actual images and footage of all actions during the surveillance investigation. I think this is the reason why my friend wants to opt for surveillance services. I think it's best to look for a firm that is composed of a top private investigator team.

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