Q:  What do I get at the end of my surveillance investigation?

Answer: First, during the surveillance investigation you will be completely updated on a regular basis.  After being completely updated, at the end of the surveillance you will receive a detailed chronological report of all activity during the surveillance.  In addition to the prepared report you will received detailed pictures and video of all activity during the surveillance investigation.  We will then go over all of our findings and provide any answers to your questions.  In addition, we can provided options to follow up on your surveillance investigation.  Our qualified surveillance investigators all have over 10 years experience.  Each of our investigators are independently licensed through the State of California to conduct surveillance investigations.

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Laws concerning investigations vary state by state. Please check your local laws before conducting any investigation.   Hodson and Associates, dba Hodson, P.I., Justin D. Hodson is not an attorney and does not provide legal advice.