Orange County Private Investigator Family law investigationsFamily Law investigations are very specialized, and not every private investigator can effectively handle these investigations.  We know that many investigators may take your case. However, they may not have the experience to effectively find the research needed to solve these types of cases. To efficiently conduct this investigation, you want an experienced investigator from Hodson P.I. Investigative Solutions.  

Our investigations firm, along with Justin D. Hodson CPI, has conducted over 800 family law investigations in the past.  We can develop an investigative plan for your case and effectively secure the evidence you need for your child custody or other family law investigations. Our firm will also provide you with a professional report stating our research findings. Our investigators will also continually update you while we work on your case. We know that these sensitive investigations require diligence and our professional team of investigators will handle your cases accordingly.

If you are looking for a firm to assist you with a child custody case, we offer different services that may strengthen your case. For example, we offer surveillance, service of papers, and financial investigations. These services may bolster your case and provide you with the evidence you can use in court for your case. Our objective is to deliver court-ready results and provide you with all the facts and proof within your case.

Contact Justin D. Hodson, CPI today for a free consultation today. Speak with one of our investigators who will create a plan of action with you.

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions in Family Law Investigations: