FAQs Social Media and Online ResearchOnline and Social Media Investigations may seem like a new thing to most other investigation firms.  Not our firm,  Hodson P.I. has been performing Online and Social Media Investigations since 2004.  Justin D. Hodson, CPI is considered an expert in Online and Social Media research, capturing, and reporting.  Hodson P.I. online conducts social media investigations for a select group of potential clients.  We do not offer these investigations to the general public. Our office supplies this service to business, insurance, and legal firms for legitimate and appropriate purposes. The Hodson P.I. team has developed a list of frequently asked questions. The FAQ’s online and social media investigations list can be found below. This list will supply potential clients with as much information as possible on Social Media Investigations.  However, not all questions can easily be answered.  Please call our office today so we can answer your questions, at 714-646-4545. 

The following is a list of FAQ’s about Online and Social Media Investigations.  Online and Social Medial Investigations is one of the fastest-growing investigative services. We keep our investigations up to date and use the latest innovative technology for our investigations.


Q: How can a Social Media Investigation help your case?

Q: Can you access “Private” profiles?

Q: Do you “hack” into accounts?