Q: Can you access “Private” profiles?

A:  The simple answer is no.  We do not access private profiles or contact individuals through pretexts.  Our office conducts all social media investigations legally and ethically.  We do have developed techniques that will allow us to explore all avenues to obtain the most information possible. Our team does NOT hack into private profiles or social media accounts on any media sources or platforms. We obtain our social media evidence through public social media profiles

Furthermore, along with not accessing private profiles, we cannot access private messages or direct messages on any social media channels or platforms. If your purpose within the investigation is to access photos or messages on an individual’s privatized profile, we will not be able to complete that request. However, our social media investigators have years of experience and resources to obtain information on individuals’ social media pages. We are an investigations firm that will always deliver you results ethically. You can learn more about social media investigations by visiting our service page.

The American Bar Association lays out the ethical and legal standards for attorneys within the judicial system. If you want to view what their legal guidelines are, you can view them here.

private profiles in social media

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