Q: How can a Social Media Investigation help my case?

A: Social Media investigations can reveal information that may help your case.  All information is obtained legally and can be presented in court.  Here are a few examples of cases where this type of online investigation assisted the parties in court:

– In personal injury cases, we have documented activity and collected evidence that contradicted the stated injuries and/or evidence of how the injury actually occurred.

– In family law cases we have documented activity that has helped prove negative behavior and habits of the opposing party.

These are just two examples of the many ways that our social media investigations assisted our clients’ cases. With social media, we capture metadata that accurately represents dates, authors, and other specific information behind the post or images/videos on the social media channel.

Our expert social media investigators have over 15 years of experience in capturing social media posts and finding social media profiles for our clients. In court, we have also provided our social media investigator expert testimony for insurance defense cases in the past. We can share more ways of how social media investigations can help your case if you contact us today with questions and/or assign us your case.

how social media investigations can help your case