The following are recent cases where our investigative results helped in a successful verdict for our clients.  If you have any questions about any of our cases please contact us at anytime.


Skydiving Defense Verdict

In this auto accident case the Plaintiff demanded $2 million+ in damages. Justin Hodson and our investigators were able to locate evidence via subrosa surveillance that he was “so injured” he jumped out of a plane! This Plaintiff not only was sky diving, he also went surfing and bike riding.

Verdict Favorable to the Defense!  

High Heels are a Must!

This motor vehicle personal injury case involved a plaintiff that was depressed by her injuries to her legs and back because she could “no longer wear high heels”. Plaintiff’s demand was 4.5 million! On her way to the witness stand to testify she took her time to show the jury how injured she was. She testified that she was in constant pain, had leg atrophy, had to use a cane and worst of all; how she could no longer ever wear her beloved high heels. Justin Hodson through surveillance was able to prove to the jury she was not being truthful. This plaintiff was working, lifting boxes, and wearing high heels!

Defense Verdict with costs to be paid by the Plaintiff!