Orange County private investigator appointed to Board of Directors

Nov 23, 2011 -Respected Orange County private investigator, Justin D. Hodson, CPI has been appointed to the board of Directors of the Orange County Crime Stoppers Organization.

There are more than 300 Crime Stoppers organizations in the United States and over 1,400 worldwide. This program has proven to be an asset to any community, with over 850,000 arrests made, over 1.2 million crimes cleared, and $8 billion in property and drugs recovered in the last 33 years. Police departments in Orange County have partnered with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and Crime Stoppers.  Orange County Private Investigator Justin Hodson has accepted the position as board member of Orange County Crime Stoppers.

The anonymity of tipsters of a crime is guaranteed because calls are received at a Call Center using a toll free number: 1-855-TIPS-OCCS. All phone lines are encrypted and no phone calls are ever recorded. Tips are then sent on to OC Crime Stoppers for further evaluation.

Tips sent by e-mail have unique integrated Two-Way Dialog capabilities that allow the tipster to go back and provide additional information to the tip at any time, but also provide a secure means for the coordinator to ask questions of the tipster through the same secure and encrypted interface. This is just the beginning of a new way for the public to join the fight against crime and it will hopefully mean the end of many a criminal.

Orange County Crime Stoppers is looking for volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors and Advisory Committee members.  If interested in supporting Orange County Crime Stoppers contact Justin D. Hodosn, CPI at

Justin D. Hodson, CPI is an Orange County Private Investigator, owner and lead investigator at Hodson, P.I.  Contact Hodson P.I. Professional Private Investigators by calling (714) 646-4545.


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