Social Media Investigations for Trial

Regardless of the type of caseload you may have, you should be aware that digital evidence is a big part of any case. Part of the evidence is social media and other online evidence. It has been proven that social media and online evidence can help a case. I have seen social media being presented in court and becoming advantages to my client’s case. The trick is finding it, securing the evidence and presenting it correctly while following all laws and ethics. At my firm, we have been able to develop a proven way to secure social media and online evidence.

There are over 1 billion active users on Facebook, 1 billion on YouTube, 500 million of Twitter and the 100s of other sites actively being used by the masses. If you are not doing social media and online investigations, you’re missing out on information that might help your case. This information is sitting there waiting to be discovered. This information cannot be discovered by a simple Google search. This information needs to be found by an experienced investigator. This is where I come into the equation.

I have been conducting social media and online investigations since 2004. I have developed a streamline strategy that effectively provides details of the individual’s activities online and on their social media platforms. I regularly check with other social media discovery companies and have not found one yet that can correctly identify all online activity and social media platforms. Our social media investigation reports can and have been presented in court. Other social media discovery run their “keywords” and “identifiers” though a search platform, usually a program they developed. Our investigators use a proprietary strategic plan I developed to locate most if not all online information. A program cannot testify in court, but a license private investigator can.

Please contact us today to perform an Online and Social Media Investigation today.  You can email me directly or call me at 714-646-4545.

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