social media sweep investigation

At Hodson P.I., LLC, we offer a fundamental Social Media Sweep and Online Sweep service, which serves as an initial step to discover social media profiles and online presence. This search is particularly useful when you are unaware of any existing social media profiles or online sites related to your subject. Our dedicated team will provide you with a concise report detailing the found social media profiles and online presences. It’s important to note that our investigators do not analyze the gathered information extensively. However, we ensure the delivery of a comprehensive and professionally crafted Social Media report.

This comprehensive report encompasses basic captures along with our proprietary Court Ready Capture™ evidence, adding a layer of authenticity to the collected data.


This report will include basic captures and our Court Ready Capture™ evidence.


Expert Analysts and Certified Social Media Professionals

At Hodson P.I., LLC, our investigators are certified social media analysts and experts, backed by a full team of skilled professionals specializing in social media investigations. They are well-equipped to assist you in your investigation and conduct a thorough social media sweep. Our office is dedicated to providing you with detailed information relevant to your case. Our experts are prepared to present the evidence they uncover in a court setting, ensuring that our Court Ready Captures withstand scrutiny and are defensible during trial proceedings.


Your Social Media Sweep Report: Unveiling Crucial Details

Upon receiving your meticulously crafted investigation report, you will find expertly analyzed details about your subject, including online links, profiles, photos, and captures of the identified social media platforms. Additionally, our report will provide recommendations for any further steps that may be required in your investigation. The report will be delivered to you in Adobe PDF format, securely encrypted to maintain confidentiality. To supplement the report, we will also provide captures, metadata information, and our Court Ready Captures, ensuring you have all the necessary evidence at your disposal.


Unparalleled Expertise and Trial-Tested Investigations

While many private investigators offer social media and online investigation services, Hodson P.I., LLC stands out as one of the few professional investigation firms with certified analysts and experts dedicated to handling your case. Our investigations and evidence have been extensively tested in trials, proving their reliability and integrity. When you choose us, you can be confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to enlist our assistance in your social media investigation.

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