social media sweep investigationSocial Media Sweep and Online Sweep is a basic sweep for social media profiles and online presence.  This search is done if you do not know of any social media profiles or online sites. Our office will provide you with a basic report of found social media profiles and online presences. Our investigators do not examine or analyze the found information.  However, our investigators will provide you with a comprehensive and professional Social Media report. 


This report will include basic captures and our Court Ready Capture™ evidence.


Our investigator’s are certified social media analysts and experts.  We have a full team of social media experts to assist in your investigation and social media sweep.  Our office supplies detailed information for your investigation.  Our experts are ready to present the evidence in your court case.  Our court ready captures are defensible in a trial setting. 


A Social Media sweep is not comprehensive but a basic look for an online and social media footprint.  If a social media footprint has already been established, we recommend a more comprehensive search like Comprehensive Social Media search. 

Your Social Media Sweep Report

When you received your detailed investigations report, you will see expert analyzed details about your subject, online links, profiles, photos, and captures of found social media platforms and recommendation on any further needed steps. The report is in Adobe PDF format that is encrypted before sending.  We also deliver captures, meta information and our Court Ready Captures to you directly.


Many private investigators offer social media and online investigations.  However, Hodson P.I., LLC is one of the only professional investigations firms that have certified analysts and experts working on your case.  Finally, our investigations and evidence are trial tested. Please contact us today to assist you in your social media investigation.


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