Thinking of Hiring a Private Investigator – Be Sure to Do Your Homework First

Thinking of Hiring a Private Investigator – Be Sure to Do Your Homework First

These days it seems more and more people are considering hiring a private investigator, and it is certainly easy to understand their concerns. With the news full of horror stories about ordinary people leading secret lives it is no wonder so many of us are looking at our friends and neighbors with new found trepidation.

There are many valid reasons to hire a private investigator or detective agency, from screening employees for your small business to doing a thorough background check on that great new nanny you found. But whatever your reason for turning to such a professional it is important to do your homework first.

Determine Your Needs
First determine what your needs are. Before you even consider hiring a private investigator you must first determine just what you need investigated. Perhaps you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you. Maybe you want to check out that new babysitter or nanny. Or you may suspect that an employee is being less than honest. Maybe you even want to check out that great guy or gal you met on the internet. No matter what the reason it is important to be clear on the requirements when contacting a private investigator.

Hire a Specialist
Look for a firm that specializes in just what you need. Some private investigators and detective agencies specialize in catching cheating husbands and wives in the act. Others work to catch dishonest employees with their hand in the cookie jar. Still other firms specialize in conducting routine background checks. You can increase your chance at a satisfactory result by hiring a private investigator who specializes in your area of interest.

Investigate the Investigator
Ask for references – and check them carefully. References are a must for any private investigator or detective agency. Be sure to ask for references, and follow up with those references right away. It is important to ask open ended leading questions, including what the client liked – and did not like – about the service, how long the investigation took, whether or not the cost estimate was accurate and the like. Checking with several different references and asking for detailed information is the best way to ensure you have found a quality individual or agency.

Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle
Be sure to ask for frequent updates. While it is not necessary to call every day, it is a good idea to keep in frequent contact with the detective or private investigator assigned to your case. Some agencies and individuals may take on more work than they can handle, and your case could get lost in the shuffle if you do not remain vigilant. By checking up frequently you can keep your case top of mind and help to get better results.

By following these simple steps you can greatly increase your changes of success and learn what you need to know about those you do know and those you do business with. Whether your aim is to catch a cheating spouse or spot a dishonest employee, a good private investigator can help you. The key is to choose the right individual or agency, and these steps are designed to help you do just that.

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