A True Leader in Investigative Solutions

Hodson P.I., LLC is a true leader in investigative solutions.  That’s an easy statement to write, and many can say that.  However, Justin D. Hodson, CPI and Hodson P.I., LLC have 20 plus years of experience and evidence to back that statement

Over the past 20 years, Justin Hodson has learned what’s needed to be a professional investigator in the legal field.  First, is knowing the law; knowing what’s needed and what will be a waste of our client time. Second is having a wealth of skills and knowledge to collect the information needed by our clients.  Third, the collection of information in a professional and ethical manner is critical.

Justin Hodson is a Certified Professional Investigation, a certification provided by the California Association of Licensed Investigators.  He is also a Certified Social Media Investigations Expert that is provided through McAfee Institute.  Further, Hodson has been a leader in the industry. He has worked as an officer and board member at the California Association of Licensed Investigators.  He also worked as a chair of the Unlicensed Investigations committee, investigating and referring 200 plus unlicensed investigators to the Department of Consumer Affairs.  Hodson also was the Chair of the Board for the Orange County Crime Stoppers. Hodson has trained 100’s of other investigators in the past.  Hodson is a proven leader based on those above and more.

Justin Hodson Private Investigator

Hodson’s leadership in the private investigator’s industry and legal industry.  Hodson is contacted on a daily basis for education and guidance by attorneys and other investigators.  Feel free to contact Justin Hodson with you investigation related questions today.

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