St. Valentine’s Day and Infidelity Investigations

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St. Valentine’s Day should be renamed St. Infidelity Day!

Valentine’s Day, a tradition of love and romance going as far back as the Middle Ages.  I remember in grade school the awkward exchange of Valentine’s Day cards.  My cards usually consisted thin paper tear offs that displayed on some type cartoon charterer expressing their passion by saying “be mine”.  O’ the good old days!

When you get older, boy how does it change?  Today, Valentine’s Day accounts for almost 14 billion dollars in sales* of candy, flowers and whatever else you need to purchase to make your loved one happy.  However, this statistic does not account for the millions of dollars spent of private investigators all over the world on this day.  That’s right, Valentine’s Day is the the day of cheaters.

It is commonly known throughout the industry that Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days for private detectives who conduct infidelity investigations.  In my experience, it is not only Valentine’s Day but the day before and the day after.  Cheaters can only handle so much and may need to spread their love over a couple of days, especially if they think their loved one is suspicious.   I once handled a case where I watched a married man for three days, the day before, Valentine’s Day and the day after.  Not only was he cheating, he saw three different women other than his wife on each day!

Unfortunately, infidelity is a fact of life.  Here are some hard facts*:

–          41% of spouses admit of infidelity.

–          74% of men said they would have an affair if they knew they would not get caught.

–          Average length of an affair is two years

–          3% of children are a product of infidelity


What are the signs you need to look for?

–          Changes in cell phone use. Hiding phone. Password protecting phone.

–          Changes in dress. New wardrobe. New style.

–          Better hygiene. New haircut. New cologne/perfume

–          Working late/early


I will tell you this; if you are a woman, rely on your intuition!  Women know when something is not right.  In all of my cases, the clients that were women were right about infidelity 75% of the time compared to 50% when the client was a man.  However, no one goes off their intuition and you will need hard proof.  That’s when hiring an experienced private investigator will become your next step.

Not all private investigator’s handle infidelity cases.  However, most will gladly take your money and try to conduct the investigation for you.  When you decide to take the important step to prove infidelity, it is just as important to make sure you hire a competent and qualified private investigator.  There are many of my past clients who came to me after spending their money on an investigator who did not help them.


So when you are thinking love and romance, always remember there is a sneaky side to everyone.  Keep an eye on them, or better yet, hire me to…

My firm and I specialize in surveillance level investigation and infidelity investigations.  If you think you need help contact me directly.

-Justin D. Hodson, CPI



* Source: Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey

*Source: Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

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