What are the Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator?

Is hiring a private investigator worth it? This is one of the most asked questions that we hear from people who have never hired an investigator. You may think you could be a sleuth and dig up the dirt on the individual yourself, but many benefits come with hiring a private investigator.  

As professionals, private investigators are emotionally removed from the situation and more objective, this allows them to remain calm and collected during investigations. Private investigators have many different cases that cross their desks daily. From infidelity, missing persons, and family law investigations to corporate investigations, investigators are well-rounded and have years of experience.  

Trusted Techniques and They are Thorough

Private investigators also have discreet methods of finding evidence for your case. For many domestic cases, we use sub rosa surveillance to gather video and photo evidence. Their discreetness also allows you to keep anonymity throughout the investigation.

Our investigators are thorough from the beginning of the investigation to the end. They also have more resources at their fingertips to utilize that are not available to the public. These resources allow them to look down every avenue and conduct background checks on individuals. This is one more example of how thorough investigators are.

Private investigators are also well-versed in what hoops they can jump through. There are many legal procedures that investigators must follow regarding privacy and how they obtain evidence. They know what procedures and techniques will yield the best results.

The Ability to Decipher the Trust and Find Evidence

Whatever your situation may be, you probably are hiring an investigator to get peace of mind. It is very easy to be deceived in today’s world, especially when emotions are high. Investigators have experience gathering witness statements and conducting interviews. They have a keen sense and know when someone may not be telling the whole truth.

Investigators Do Not Keep You In the Dark

Professional investigators have unmatched communication skills. They will keep you updated on every step of the investigation and will be available to answer any questions you may have. Our investigators at Hodson P.I. also create a professionally written report to provide you with after the investigation is completed. If you did a surveillance case, you would also receive all photos and videos captured by the investigator.

You Will Save Time and Money

If you have ever searched online for someone, you have probably been flooded with background check options. These are usually very costly and may not yield the correct and updated information about a subject. Online resources for the public are often limited with personal information. This will lead to wasted money and unnecessary headaches.

Time spent on cases varies depending on what type of investigation and how much fieldwork will need to be completed. Most investigators charge by the hour for the work they do. After the investigation, you can see the work they did within every hour and it will affirm that you paid for the results. Hiring a private investigator saves you time as you are giving the case over to them and can trust that they will solve your investigation.

 Wouldn’t you rather pay for a professional who will deliver accurate results instead of a possibly outdated untrustworthy background check website? Also, remember that cost must be a consideration, but as always it must be measured with other considerations and the quality of work you want.


Private investigations are highly complicated with many moving parts and possible risks. One slip-up can be detrimental and cause the investigation to be compromised. Experienced investigators know the ins and outs of remaining undetected.

If an amateur carries out an investigation, not only are they more likely to get caught, but they are risking their safety. Doing a stakeout by yourself could lead to an ugly confrontation. Skilled investigators have the experience to minimize risks.

Do you need to hire a private investigator? Now that you know the benefits of hiring a private investigator, it may be time for you to hire one yourself. The Hodson P.I. firm has been solving investigations for over 18 years. We know the industry and our investigators are professional and diligent. We know that hiring an investigator is a big step and we want to make it as easy as possible. If you want peace of mind within a situation, hiring a private investigator may be beneficial for you.

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