What Makes Someone A Great Private Investigator?

Choosing the right private investigator for your case is extremely important. However, most people do not know what qualities they should be looking for when hiring their private investigators. When you think of a private investigator does Sherlock Holmes come to mind, or Nancy Drew? Although these may be cartoon detectives, they do not depict the reality of what detectives are like in today’s world.

A Great Private Investigator is Trustworthy

Hiring a private investigator is an investment. You are placing your trust into the investigator that they will solve your case in an efficient, diligent, and ethical manner. Here at Hodson P.I. LLC, we have always thanked our clients for placing trust in us. We thank them after every final report is sent and even use that phrase in our holiday cards. We know how important building trust is and that is one of the reasons our clients keep returning.

You will also want an investigator who is ethical. Ethics is important within investigations and California itself has many laws governing what investigators can and cannot do. You need someone who knows these guidelines and follows them.

If you are not sure whether they are trustworthy or not, you should read their testimonials. When clients take the time to write testimonials about the investigator, you know that they had a great experience. You can tell if someone is trustworthy by what their reviews say about them.

A Great Private Investigator is Thorough

Cases range in difficulty, one case can take hours while another one takes days to complete. Investigators have to sift through tons of information to find valuable evidence for your case. When you hire an investigator it can be costly and you want them to get comprehensive results throughout each step.

That is why Hodson P.I. creates thorough professionally written reports at the end of each case for our clients. It is a full and detailed summary that highlights the scope of work we do.

They Are Able to Listen Carefully

A skilled investigator who has been in the field for years is able to read between the lines during interviews to hear what is being said as well as what’s not being said. Great investigators also listen carefully when they are doing case intake to know exactly what your objective is for the case.

You want an investigator who takes the time to listen to and answer all of your questions throughout the case. This is so important. Investigators who are able to listen to your concerns, give you insightful answers, communicate updates are the premier choice.

They Are Great Communicators

In the midst of an investigation, private investigators have to have great interview skills to obtain information from witnesses and people involved in the case. A great investigator also communicates directly with the client throughout the whole investigation providing updates and notes.

Now that you know what to look for and what makes someone a great private investigator, you can avoid having future negative experiences. Here at Hodson P.I., we pride ourselves on being ethical, trustworthy, and thorough investigators.

If you need a private investigator to solve your case, click here to assign a case.

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