Who are these Private Investigators?

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Private Investigator Services Orange County California

One of the problems that you will face when looking for a private detective is their inability to identify who they really are.  Many private investigators in Orange County or around the world seem to give you as little information about themselves as possible. Why is that?  What do they have to hide?  If you are shopping for a private investigator it is crucial that you go with a professional and well established individual.  Many of the private investigators’ firms will gladly tell you all the types of investigations they can offer but nothing about the person doing the investigation.  At our firm, Hodson P.I. Professional Investigations, you know who we are and what we do.  We tell you as much about us as possible.  Learn about Justin D. Hodson, CPI, lead investigator at Hodson P.I. by clicking here.

It is obvious why you need to know who you are hiring but we laid out several reason you may have not thought of:

1. Is the investigator licensed?  Hiring an unlicensed private investigator can be one of the worst mistakes a person or company can make.  Justin D. Hodson, CPI work as the Chair of Unlicensed Practices Committee for the California Association of Licensed Investigators for years.   During his time fighting unlicensed investigators, he handled numerous cases of theft and fraudulent behavior bu unlicensed investigators.  Also, to knowingly hire an unlicensed person is a crime in itself.

2. How much experience do they have? This is not only crucial to your investigation but if your case goes to court, lack of investigator experience can be ammunition for the opposing side?  Opposing sides will tear apart an inexperienced private detective.  Testimony skills and overall experience is crucial when a private investigator is called to court.  Justin D. Hodson, CPI is an expert witness who has testified in over 50 trials including federal court.  Justin Hodson also has a certificate as an Expert Witness in Litigation from Cal State Fullerton.

3. Who are they? Not only knowing overall experience is important, but knowing who they are is as well.  Does the investigator appear trustworthy?  Do they offer information about themselves or activities outside of the investigations firm.  A good feeling about the private investigator you are hiring is important.  You want to make sure you trust your investigator and will be able to work with them.  Justin D. Hodson, CPI is a regular volunteer at the Orange County Ronald McDonald House, serves of the Board of Directors for the Fullerton Collaborative and the Orange County Crime Stoppers.

4. Is the private investigator insured? Why is knowing if they are insured or not important? This shows that the private detective is trying to run an honest and proper business.  The investigator cares about the overall perception to his clients and want to protect them and himself.  If an investigator does not have insurance there might be several reasons why, one of the biggest is they might not be able to be insured.  This happens when an investigator can not be insured due to past litigation or wrongdoing.  Hodson P.I. is a $2,000,000 insurance investigations firm.

Do your research when hiring a private detective.  Contact Justin D. Hodson, CPI anytime with any questions you may have.





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